Talofa, a warm welcome to our page.

Since starting in 2013, I’ve never revealed who we are.

This is quite hard for me, having social anxiety, I’d prefer to be behind the scenes and unnoticed if I can. Although I feel I owe it to my family to know who are the faces and heart behind Islandize. I’d like to share our story and introduce myself and my family.

My name is Sournheak Hunt or Suzy for short. I, myself am of Cambodian background and my husband is of Samoan background. We have 3 children that are now the ages 13, 15, and 17 yrs. Aww yep, all grown up now but they were a lot younger when Islandize first started.


I was only 2 when arriving in Australia so my Khmer language isn't so fluent. English was what my parents had wanted me to prioritise. After marrying my soul-mate, I saw his love for his Samoan language and wishing for our children to learn too. If they could 'at least' learn some basics in the Samoan language that would be enough. Islandize was created out of love for our children to learn the Samoan language.


Coming up with the name and meaning of "Islandize". This was fun but hard at the same time.

End result, Islandize means,"To encourage, develop and in-still Island languages and culture in us."

In 2013, Islandize was created and we launched our first app, Little Learners Samoa. An educational flashcard app teaching basic Samoan words in different categories such as alphabet, numbers, months and days of the week. The kids loved it!

In 2016, our Youtube channel was created. @islandize.

Here we brought our Little Islander characters to life. Laki and Lani. Little siblings who teach basic words and sentences in the Samoan language.

Each video goes through thorough planning and research to cover important subjects, breaking them down in ways so that it's basic, simple, and engaging to young viewers. 

All the recordings are done in our very own home, a little cosy bedroom space, with a simple mic and desktop, oh and a foamy thingy that blocks out some noise lol. The audio isn't perfect but we have to get it done.

Can you guess who are the voices behind our characters?

Laki is Osona Jr (Hubby) and Lani is our daughter Angela (who is now 17yrs but started when she was only 12)

Our youngest son Winten (13yrs), as the voice of Jack and myself as the voice of Mum and cousin Toloa.

Talented hubby is also the voice behind Dad, bus driver Sione and Uncle Li! Did you hear him sing? Watch Uncle Li sing the Samoan National Anthem, you'll want to sing a long.

Our middle son Chester (15yrs) hasn’t yet voiced any characters but he created our latest Island lullaby video. Perfect for putting your little ones to bed.


As we aim to provide correct teachings, we do so to the best of our ability and as accurately as we can. We apologise for any mistakes or spelling errors, Hubby is awesome, but when we are stuck in translation, it comes down to seeking what we all know to do, seek our family, friends and of course, Google. From this, we realise, that we all have different ways of saying things...hmm?

Feel free to send us messages and feedback on corrections and other interpretations. This is a combined effort and our aim is to provide correct and proper teachings.


Since the launch of Little Learners Samoa, we also had the app created in Fijian and Tongan languages. You'll find these on the app stores as Little Learners Fiji and Little Learners Tonga along with our new release of Little Samoa that has extra content and interactive games.


We sincerely thank you all for your love and support. All the follows, tags, feedbacks, reviews, likes and subscribes.

It means the world to us and touches the core of our hearts, especially when we see your family enjoying our videos. It makes all the time and resources our family has given, to bring them from our home into yours, truly all WORTH it.


With your support, we can continue to provide more educational videos and learning apps.

Our videos are available and FOREVER FREE to watch. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel, that way you'll be notified when new videos are released. For our little fans out there, we have created some merch that can be purchased on our Etsy store, profits go towards creating more videos.


Tongans, stay tuned. We hear you. It's in the plans to translate our videos into the Tongan language.

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Alofa atu from our family to yours xox